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Mangrove forest conservation measures proposed
30/07/2014 | 11:23:07
Urgent measures are needed to conserve mangrove forests, which have been rapidly disappearing in the past few decades, experts said at a forum organized recently in Ca Mau province.
Soil erosion – urgent problem to address in Ca Mau province
Hundreds of kilometres of coastlines and river banks in the southernmost province of Ca Mau are suffering from serious soil erosion, posing a major threat to the life of local people if urgent measures are not promptly carried out.
Vietnam strives to eliminate persistent organic pollutants
Vietnam will stop using all types of machinery and equipment containing poluchlorinated biphenyl (PCB), one of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs), by 2020 and safely dispose the substance by 2028.
Can Tho works with RoK partner on water supply system
17/06/2014 | 20:44:47
The Mekong Delta city of Can Tho has reached a deal with the Environmental Industry and Technology Institute of the Republic of Korea (KEITI) on a 1.5 million USD project to build a clean water supply system for three communes in Vinh Thanh district.
Wetlands need better protection: experts
16/06/2014 | 10:50:56
The Mekong Delta region should better protect its wetlands by improving the application of sustainable livelihood models, experts said at a recent forum in Tan An city, Long An Province.
Can Gio mangrove forest endowed with diverse ecosystem
15/06/2014 | 17:57:07
Can Gio mangrove forest, which was recognised by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve in 2000, is a complex of terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna, formed downstream of the Dong Nai-Saigon river system in the southeast gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, with a total area of 7,740 ha.
Vietnam-Cambodia working group on water resources meets
14/06/2014 | 19:40:04
The Vietnam-Cambodia Joint Working Group on drafting regulations on joint management and use of water resources along the two countries’ border on June 13 began its 10th meeting with Cambodia’s National Mekong Committee and Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology.
Mekong Delta seeks to better protect submerged inland region
13/06/2014 | 18:09:55
A forum held in Tan An city, Long An province, on June 13 discussed the promotion of environmental protection and biodiversity in submerged inland eco-system areas in the Mekong Delta.
Cabinet meeting: economy keeps on track
July continues to see positive socio-economic development, heard a Cabinet meeting in Hanoi on July 30.
VN, US Agent Orange victims meet
Representatives of the second and third generations of AO victims from VN and the US met in Hanoi on July 29.
Leaders pay tribute to war heroes
VN’s top leaders on July 25 laid a wreath and offered incense in tribute to war heroes and martyrs.
Seven-month CPI sees lowest rise in 13 years
The CPI in the first seven months of 2014 was up 1.62 percent year-on-year.
ASEAN, EU look towards strategic partnership
ASEAN and the EU agreed to develop their ties into a strategic partnership.
VNA, PRD to enhance information sharing
The VNA and Thailand's Public Relations Department (PRD) have vowed to enhance information exchange.
Seminar marks 60 years of Geneva agreement
A seminar was held in Algeria to mark the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Agreement.
VN ready for Int’l Chemistry Olympiad 2014
Everything is in place for the 46th International Chemistry Olympiad, which will kick off in Hanoi on July 21.
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