Artist Nguyen Van Tan, who has devoted his 40 years to represent Uncle Ho’s image on stage, was honoured at a workshop in Hanoi on January 4.

Born in 1943 in the northern province of Bac Giang, Tan has won a national record for playing President Ho Chi Minh the most with over 1,700 performances. His career was spotlighted on many books, magazines, and newspapers.

The workshop aimed to honour Tan’s significant contributions to the art. With his creative play-acting, he has always left great impressions and deep emotions on audiences

Despite his old age, the actor staged a piece on Uncle Ho in 2008 in response to the campaign “Studying and following the example of President Ho Chi Minh”.

Assessed to be Uncle Ho’s look-alike, Van Tan has spared no efforts to represent the leader’ manner via documents about his meetings and talks with farmers, workers, soldiers and children, according to meritorious artist Le Chuc.

Artist Van Tan along with many of his peers such as Sy Hung, Duc Trung, Tien Hoi and Tien Tho have left the imprint on the Vietnamese revolutionary stage when depicting the image of the great leader of the nation, said Director of Research Culture for the Preservation and Promotion of the Vietnamese Culture Hoang Chuong.-VNA