Shinohara Shohei, the defending Asian karate champion, will be training cadets at the People's Public Security Academy in Hanoi.

"I enjoy very much practising karate. It would be great to be able to pass on my skills to others in Vietnam ," said Shinohara, who started work at the academy on July 25.

Shinohara will be responsible for training about 100 top students out of 900 trainees at the academy.

Shinohara, who was born in Osaka , has been practising karate for 16 years. Among many awards, he won the 2010 Asian Karate Championships, the 2010 Japan National Karate Championship and the 2007 Osaka Senior High Schools Karate Championship.

Shinohara, who will be working in Vietnam as a volunteer for two years as part of the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) programme.

The JICA has sent 400 volunteers to work in Vietnam in fields such as education, health, agriculture-rural development and the environment./.