Cambodia shipped abroad 385,296 tonnes of rice in 2013, up 51 percent from the previous year, mainly to France, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

It expects to sell 1 million tonnes of milled rice in 2015, according to an announcement issued on January 22 by the country’s Commerce Ministry.

At an annual meeting of the Alliance of Rice Producers and Exporters of Cambodia (ARPEC), it was reported that the country will focus on producing high-quality rice and revamping the processing system to make its rice meet international standards.

It will also step up the protection of the trademark of its Jasmine rice, the variety that was awarded the world's best rice for two consecutive years at the Global Rice Tasting Competitions held in Indonesia in 2012 and in Hong Kong (China) in 2013.

The agriculture sector, with rice production being a spearhead, contributes to almost one third of Cambodia’s Gross Domestic Production.

It is expected to play a greater role in accelerating economic growth, reducing poverty and improving people’s living standards.-VNA