Japanese inflows of investment in Cambodia’s light industry and garment sectors soared between 2010 and this year’s first quarter while Cambodia also saw the rising import orders from Japan.
In 2010, Japan poured a mere 3.3 million USD in Cambodia. The figure surged to 283 million USD and 365 million USD by 2012 and 2013, respectively, according to the Japan External Trade Organisation.

Spokesman for the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce Ken Rotha said more and more Japanese retailers are boosting sales via their supermarkets here while bankers also opened branches to cater to their fellow businesses in the host country.

In January-March, Cambodia raked in 345 million USD from shipments to Japan, up 43 percent year-on-year, mostly apparel, leather and footwear, food and handicrafts. It bought machinery and electronic household appliances from the partner.

The trade figure, however, remains low compared to those recorded by Vietnam with 7.3 billion USD, and Myanmar 369 million USD.

Economists forecast that Japanese trade and investment activities in Cambodia will be busy, especially in the light industry, in the coming time partly due to the launch of direct flights between the two countries.-VNA