Central Highlands provinces have poured over 10.6 trillion VND (504.7 million USD) into building new-style rural areas in the past three years, according to the Steering Committee for the Central Highlands region.

Dak Nong province spent the most on this programme with 7.5 trillion VND (357.1 million USD), while Gia Lai ranks second with over 1.8 trillion VND (85.7 million USD).

Considering production expansion as the core factor of building new-style rural areas, regional provinces have carried out hundreds of projects, focusing on crop and animal restructuring, and coffee and organic vegetable growing. Thousands of effective production models have also been built for crop and animal husbandry.

More specifically, Dak Lak now has 346 such models, for example a 10ha wet rice field in Tan Hung hamlet, Ea Kao commune, generating 8.4 tonnes of unhusked rice per hectare each crop; a sustainable coffee cultivation model in Cu Kuin district; and another raising Hemibagrus wyckioides fish in Krong Pak district.

Local residents have also donated effort, money and land to constructing and expanding roads as well as irrigation and power systems.

The localities have also offered a large number of vocational courses for rural labourers and provided jobs for more than 114,000 people.

Across the region, there are now 10 communes meeting all 19 criteria of building new-style rural areas and 22 others satisfying 15 – 18 criteria.

Building infrastructure, improving production capacity, building public works, protecting landscape and environment, and promote local traditions and cultural identities are among criteria on building new rural areas initiated by the government since 2010.-VNA