Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 5:16:40

Child injuries still high in Dong Nai province


The southern province of Dong Nai has recorded 4,300 child injuries, including 31 deaths and 35 cases of sexual abuse, the local authority has said.

The reasons behind the situation are inefficient child protection and lack of budget for such programmes.

The provincial Women’s Union said it has mobilised its members, families and the whole community to take care and protect the 558,000 children under 16 years old that live in the province as well as limiting sexual abuse and violence on children.

Furthermore, the union chapters and relevant agencies have implemented a vaccination programme for under-one-year-old children against six types of disease as well as guiding over 63,000 parents on how to make nutritional porridge for children. As a result the malnutrition rate of children under five years old has fallen to 14.5 percent.

However, programmes to care for and protect children currently lack grassroots officers and uniform cooperation between the levels of local departments and agencies, in particular taking care of children’s physical growth in school along with the development of children’s minds.-VNA
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