The ongoing 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba began a debate on a roadmap to update the country’s economic model on April 17, with discussions held in five committees.

The 32-page draft socio-economic guidelines document, which is expected to be adopted at the congress, is the roadmap to update Cuba’s economic model with an aim of improving efficiency of the economy, including expansion of the small business economic model, significant cuts to the redundant work force in the state sector, reduction of subsidies, implementation of a new tax levy and gradual elimination of use of dual currency.

According to President Raul Castro, who is also Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, two-thirds of the draft document were revised after seeking public opinion nationwide. Revisions focused mainly on socio-political, macro-economic issues, construction, real estate, traffic and economic management.

In his political report presented at the congress, President Raul Castro stressed the need to ensure the Revolution’s inheritance as well as rejuvenation of the contingent of leading officials of the Party and Government./.