Food maker Donafoods in the southern province of Dong Nai has shipped the first consignment of 14 tonnes of cashew nuts, worth 115,000 USD, to the Middle East in January.

The Middle East will be a key market for the Dong Nai Import-Export Processing Agricultural Products and Food Company this year, said the firm’s general director Nguyen Thai Hoc.

Hoc said his company has plans to produce and process more than 13,000 tonnes of products of various types in 2014, and strengthen links with other member businesses in the Dong Nai Cashew Association.

The company will restructure its affiliates and human resources to improve operational efficiency, as well as focus on the products that can generate higher profits, he added.

Donafoods’ report revealed that last year, the company’s foreign trade turnover was valued at 61 million USD, a nearly 150 percent higher than the initial target. Of the amount, 40 million USD was export earnings, and the remainder was spent on imports.-VNA