Thailand's e-commerce industry is expected to continue thriving this year, with a robust growth of 20-30 percent driven by a proliferation of smart devices.

The country’s e-commerce is worth 744 billion THB, with the business-to-business sector accounting for 79.8 percent; business-to-customer 19.3 percent; and business-to-government; 1 percent, according to the National Statistical Office reported by Bangkok Post.

Small businesses make up 66.8 percent of e-commerce; medium-sized companies, 26.6 percent; and large enterprises, 6.6 percent. Transactions through mobiles are expected to account for half of e-commerce sales this year, up from 16 percent last year.

Thailand's e-commerce market is expected to see a more intensified competition in the foreseeable future, as Taobao, an online shopping portal under Alibaba that is similar to eBay, is aggressively expanding to Southeast Asia to sell cheap Chinese products to ethnic Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia.

Thai operators have to find ways to cope with cheap products from China, including English translation of their Thai-language websites to customers access the virtual market easily.-VNA