The northern province of Quang Ninh will start a pilot project to install bio-toilets and wastewater treatment systems in all cruise ships, houseboats and the entire public toilet system in Ha Long Bay.

The project, implemented with the cooperation of Japan’s ChoDai company, aims to improve the water environment by preventing wastewater from tourist boats being released into the sea.

It is also expected to solve water pollution by dividing sewage and mixed wastewater.

Ha Long Bay, which has been recognised twice by UNESCO as a world heritage, is one of the largest tourist attractions in Vietnam.

However, fast development in the bay is posing obvious impacts on the site’s environment, especially its water. About 600 tourist boats operate in the bay plus a crowded population without an adequate sewage system, cause serious water pollution.

The project to build bio-toilets, with lower installation and operating costs than normal ones, is scheduled to run from November 2013 to February 2015.-VNA