The National Economics University and Germany’s Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management held an international seminar in Hanoi on May 23 to share experiences in public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the water sector and environmental service.

Ho Cong Hoa, a representative from the Central Institute for Economic Management, brought out the forecast on the potential of Vietnam’s environmental industry and the role of PPPs up to 2025, noting that sewage and solid waste from now until 2025 is a big problem as there is disparity between the State’s investment capacity and real demand to tackle sewage and solid waste.

PPPs are a good choice for environmental infrastructure as in the 2014-25 period, the State may lack about 250 trillion VND to manage the issue and only 34 percent of sewage in industrial zones is dealt with, Hoa said.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Haneke from Germany ’s Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences introduced to the participants the country’s policies on PPP management in the water sector and shared its experiences in PPP models.

At the event, participants also analysed research on private investment in Vietnam ’s environmental service, together with the difficulties Vietnam has faced collecting taxes and fees for waste water and global experience in PPPs in clean water and urban sanitation.

They agreed that to implement the PPP model effectively, Vietnam needs to complete policies and a legal framework on PPPs, select pilot PPP projects, distribute capital for State participation, and call for greater international support to develop PPP programmes.-VNA