According to the Hanoi Statistics Office, foreign visitors to the city reached almost 1.5 million during the first nine months of this year.

Holiday-makers visiting the city for pleasure accounted for 80.4 percent, up by 16.4 percent compared to the same period last year, whilst business trips accounted for 16.3 percent, up by 20.4 percent.

Notably, visitors from the Republic of Korea (RoK) topped the list of international visitors to the city, with a year-on-year increase of 47.9 percent. Many other nationalities also recorded substantial increase in numbers, such as the UK, up by 42.3 percent; the US, up by 23.3 percent; Thailand, up by 20.9 percent; and France, up by 36.9 percent.

However in September alone, 136.600 international visitors arrived in the city, down by 2.5 percent compared to August, but up by 4.9 percent compared to last September.

The sector’s turnover this month increased by 0.5 percent compared to the previous month and 10.2 percent compared to the same month last year.-VNA