Ho Chi Minh City plans to organise a number of activities to celebrate the 125th birthday of the late President Ho Chi Minh for whom the city is named after.

On May 17, the city will inaugurate a monument dedicated to the late leader and move a statue of President Ho Chi Minh meeting children to the municipal Children’s House.

The monument is a valuable sculpture capturing the spirit and personality of the leader as well as his special love of locals in the city.

An exhibition themed “Uncle Ho with the South – the South with Uncle Ho,” will run from May 17-19. An art performance honouring the late leader will also be held in Ho Chi Minh Monument Park during which the municipal Party Committee will present Party badges to 2,153 local Party members.

The city will also pay a floral tribute and offer incense to the late leader as well as honour outstanding individuals and collectives with excellent performance in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example from 2014-15.

Winners of a contest to create literature, media and art on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example will be announced and their work will be presented on Ho Chi Minh City Television.

A number of smaller exhibitions on various topics will also be organised to honour the great leader.-VNA