The Red River Delta province of Hung Yen has plans afoot to revive the historic Hien Street, which will be officially recognised as a special national relic site at the end of April.

The area is home to more than 100 cultural and historical relics, including communal houses, pagodas and temples. Eighteen of them have received national recognition.

The province has now instructed relevant bodies and localities to prepare for local traditional festivals this year that will celebrate and bring alive the history, spirituality and culture of the street.

Traditional rituals will be conducted in all Pho Hien relic sites, including Hien Pagoda, Mau (Goddess) Temple, May (Cloud) Temple and Chuong Pagoda.

Exhibitions displaying antique objects, historical documents, bonsai trees and traditional dishes will also be held.

A number of traditional sports, such as flute-kite flying contests, cock-fighting, chess playing and boat racing will also be organised across the relic sites, bringing back memories of when the site was a bustling commercial port on the Red River.

In its heyday between the 17th -18th century, Pho Hien was second to the Imperial Capital city of Thang Long as a trading point. It was well-known among foreign traders, especially those from China, Japan and the Netherlands.

Pho Hien relic complex is located in between Dang Chau village (Lam Son district) and Ne Chau village (Hong Chau district) in Hien City.-VNA