Almost 200 professors and scientists from Indonesia and Malaysia on November 18 gathered for a science forum held in Indonesia to discuss agriculture and food security.

The event was jointly organised by the Indonesian Professors Association (API) and the Malaysian Professors Association (MPN).

Speaking at the forum, Professor Ari Purbayanto from Indonesia’s Bogor Institute of Agriculture said that farming plays an important role in development of the two countries because both sides are developing their agricultural economies.

He noted that they are now facing many challenges concerning food security and food provision capacity, a state of affairs that led to the forum, named "Food Sovereignty in Indonesia and Malaysia".

During the three-day event, participants agree on exchanges of scientists, lecturers, researchers and students between the two nations, and pledge to work closely together to carry out research programmes on climate change, technology renovation and socio-economic issues.

They also discussed other important subjects such as sustainable development, energy, environment, health, manpower, economics, politics and education.-VNA