Anti-terrorism force of Indonesia (Source: Reuters)
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian authorities have decided to extend a military operation in Poso of Central Sulawesi province to raid the Mujahidin of Eastern Indonesia group with links with the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS).

Police Chief of Central Sulawesi Brigadier General Rudy S said on March 31 that the operation, which was initially scheduled to end on April 3, has been prolonged for another three months.

The number of militants in the Mujahidin group, which has engaging in sending men to join the IS in Syria and Iraq, has decreased to 9 from about 36 since the operation was launched in January of last year, the general said, adding that the rest 9 members of the group are hiding in a deep forest.

Their leader, Santoso, was slain in July last year as the security authorities conducted the operation that involved over 2,000 policemen and soldiers, according the officer.

The IS group has launched several suicide-bombing strikes in Indonesia, including the suicide attack in the country's capital of Jakarta on January 24, 2016, leaving eight people dead and nearly 30 others injured.-VNA