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Japanese artist's exhibition reflects human-nature relationship

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Japanese artist Taihei Kimura has first solo exhibition in Vietnam (Source:
The relationship between humans and nature, as well as establishment and destruction, are reflected in the art of Taihei Kimura.

The young artist from Japan has opened his first solo exhibition in Vietnam showcasing sculpture and installations in which he created deliberate demolitions: vehicles falling from the ceiling, electric motors ripped apart by centrifugal force, and bombs exploding inside a transparent resin structure.

With the theme of Trace the Mountain, Kimura expressed his interest in conversing with the past, tracing the transformation of the environment – depletion of resources, moreover learning of people's personal memories and histories. He also expressed concerns about human impact on nature.

Kimura travelled to Hanoi, Quang Tri and Quang Ninh provinces for research and filming. His works allow the audience to think of the past, and contemplate relationships between humans and nature, the contradictions between construction and deconstruction, as well as the vulnerability of our every day existence.

Kimura was born in 1986. He graduated with a Master's of Arts from Tokyo Fine Arts University. His artworks are considered raw and honest, and include topics such as natural disasters, earthquakes and risks of nuclear power.-VNA
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