Kodo group will join The Music Story of the Old Quarter show on October 14. (Source: bnews.vn)

Hanoi (VNA) - A group of Japanese artists from the Kodo art group will participated in a monthly traditional music show.

The show is being held on October 14 at the Old Quarter Culture Exchange Centre on 50 Dao Duy Tu Street.

Organised by Traditional Vietnamese Music Group, this regular show, familiar to many lovers of Vietnam’s traditional music, depicts the journey of the country’s traditional music and culture.

The programme includes excerpts from classical plays of various vocal arts, such as chau van (mediumship ritual singing), cheo (traditional opera), xam (singing by blind baskers), ca tru (chamber music) and tuong (classical drama), with artists such as Xuan Hoach, Thanh Hoai, Man Thu, Thanh Binh and Thuy Ngan participating in the show.

The show will not use any sound amplifiers, but only silk-stringed traditional musical instruments, one of the project’s successful attempts to restore folk musical instruments by the Traditional Vietnamese Music Group.

First introduced in May 2015, the traditional music show is held monthly to provide a general introduction to the traditional and contemporary music of Vietnam’s 1,000-year-old capital Hanoi.-VNA