National Assembly (NA) deputies can continue discussing and giving opinions on the draft revised 1992 Constitution until it is approved on November 28 as scheduled.

During the November 18 sitting of the NA’s ongoing sixth session, Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung affirmed the significance of the document in terms of politics, economics, defence, security, external relations and national development.

“We will continue listening to all ideas to ensure a most perfect and completed Constitution. Although there are still different opinions, we should do our best in a most responsible way to ensure the decision is made by the majority,” he said.

The NA Chairman emphasised that deputies will continue working studiously on the document so that the final version will receive the highest consensus.

During the past two years, opinions of experts, scientists and people from all walks of life, inside and outside the country have been collected and considered fully, he noted.

During the sitting, the deputies also listened to a report by Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the NA’s Law Committee, which explains all opinions on the draft revised 1992 Constitution.

Also on November 18, the deputies once again cast their opinions on the document by voting.

From November 19-21, they will conduct question and answer sessions which will be broadcast live on television and radio.-VNA