Newly-endorsed Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has declared that his government will adhere to the Sufficiency Economy philosophy of the King and sustainable development in moving the country forward.

The PM said on August 26 during the 12th meeting of the National Council for peace and Order (NCPO) that the Sufficiency Economy concept and sustainable development would be applied in terms of infrastructure development, water management, farmland management and product pricing.

The policies on other issues including state enterprise reorganisation and restructuring of tax and energy would also follow the two concepts, the premier said.

For the development of special economic zones, Gen. Prayuth confirmed that it is not aimed at preventing alien workers from entering the areas. The establishment of the zones seeks to address labour and transport problems and foster relations with the neighbouring countries, he added.

Mentioning peace talks in the restive south, the PM said that the government has already sent representatives to talk with Malaysia, which wants Thai and Malaysian militaries or security units to play a key role in the peace dialogue.-VNA