Trieu Mieu was the first temple built in the Hue Royal Citadel (Photo: VNA)

Thua Thien-Hue (VNA) – The rehabilitation of Trieu Mieu, one of the five important temples of the Nguyen Dynasty in central Hue city, has been completed.

The restoration project cost over 35.6 billion VND (1.6 million USD), 700,000 USD of which was funded by the US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).

Beginning in June 2014, the rehabilitation was carried out by the Vietnam Institute for Building Science and Technology along with artisans and skilled workers.

Trieu Mieu was the first temple built in the Hue Royal Citadel (1804). It worships Nguyen Kim – the ancestor of the nine Nguyen Lords and the following Nguyen Kings.

Altars inside Trieu Mieu (Photo: VNA)

While it was maintained for just few times over the last two decades, the latest restoration was made over 30 years ago (from 1983 to 1985), leading to the serious degradation.

At the project inauguration ceremony on September 15, Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, appreciated the AFCP’s assistance to the preservation of Trieu Mieu. The fund is also supporting the restoration of royal alters at the temple.

The same day, the centre opened an exhibition themed “Hue: One destination – Five heritages”. The display features items related to the Complex of Hue Monuments, Nha Nhac – Vietnamese court music, the woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty, the royal documents of the Nguyen Dynasty, and the royal literature on Hue royal architecture. All of them got heritage status given by UNESCO.-VNA