Capital police on Nov. 8 recovered the newborn baby boy kidnapped from the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology to the delight of his parents, relatives and doctors.

The child was found in Hanoi 's Dong Anh district. The alleged kidnapper was seized at 3.30pm on Nov. 8.

On the morning of Nov. 3, a woman wearing a doctor's white blouse took the two-day-old baby from his mother's bed, supposedly for a blood test.

The mother, Tran Thi Thom, 34, from northern Hung Yen province, waited until afternoon, but the woman and the baby, never returned.

The family reported the case to hospital management and police.

On the afternoon of Nov. 7, police discovered a baby suspected to be Thom's, but, following DNA tests, this was proven incorrect.

Police on Nov. 8 alleged the kidnapper to be Nguyen Thi Le, 29, from northern Bac Giang province. Le was said to be a childless woman desperate for a baby of her own.

Sources revealed that the police were tipped off by a taxi driver who had supposedly spotted the suspect.

The baby boy is currently in a healthy state following five days in the hands of his captors.

Father of the boy Pham Xuan Chieu expressed his extreme joy at the good news, saying that the whole family has rushed to the hospital to claim their baby.

Earlier, lawyer Cao Ba Trung, on behalf of Thom's family, requested Hanoi Police and the Hanoi People's Procuracy to prosecute the doctors and nurses who were on duty during the abduction for negligence.

Thom's family confirmed that if their baby is found, all charges will be consequently dropped.

However, health ministry Chief Inspector Tran Quang Trung said that hospital staff involved in the case will still receive strict punishments as an example to others./.