The 350 Vietnam Club of the Youth Union of the Hanoi Foreign Trade University has launched the project "Green Exchange 2014" to communicate and promote environmental protection activities for students and communities.

Students, staff, teachers and people in Hanoi are encouraged to get involved in numerous activities, such as exchanging old books, notebooks or newspapers for a small flowerpot d uring the week of the project from January 13-17, according to the Communist Party of Vietnam online newspaper.

In addition, participants will have chances to take part in sideline activities like crossword games to learn about taking action to protect the environment.

"Green Exchange 2014" is carried out to minimise the amount of waste paper going into the environment; to re-use or supply paper for manufacturers for recycling to contribute to raising awareness of people about environmental protection and climate change.

The project contributes to creating habits of keeping offices green, clean and beautiful by using natural and environmentally friendly decorations. It is expected to collect 1,000 kg of used books, notebooks, paper and newspapers and attract the participation of 5,000 students, staff and teachers in the university.

Organisers hope the activity to exchange scrap paper for a plant will be disseminated to other universities in Hanoi by the club and youth union of universities in the coming time.-VNA