All major dailies on Nov. 7 ran articles emphasising the historical and epoch-making significance of the Russian October Revolution which lit up Vietnam’s revolutionary path.

The dailies, including Nhan Dan, Quan Doi Nhan Dan, Hanoi Moi and Sai Gon Giai Phong, recalled that on Nov. 7, 1917, under the leadership of Russia’s Bolshevik Party (Communist Party), led by great Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the victorious October Revolution went down in mankind’s history as the greatest event in the 20th century. Although almost one century has passed with numerous changes, working people and the progressive worldwide have been celebrating this anniversary with joy and pride, which is clear evidence of the truth and great historical significance of the October Socialist Revolution, said the papers.

Revolutionaries and progressive people worldwide shared the same view that the October Revolution has awaken the oppressed nations, cut off an important link of the chain of the imperialism, overthrown the exploiting class in a large country, established the world’s first State of workers and peasants and a new socialist regime.

The dailies said following the path of the October Revolution, Vietnam’s Party, founded and trained by President Ho Chi Minh, held aloft the flag of national independence and socialism, led the people in successfully carrying out the 1945 August Revolution defeating the French and US imperialists, firmly defending national sovereignty and fulfilling the noble international obligations and recording great achievements in the national renewal process.

The victory of Vietnam’s revolution is first of all a victory of Marxism-Leninism that was applied and developed in a creative manner in the country’s specific condition. The victory has its deep and direct root in the influence of the Russian October Revolution, said the articles.

The world has entered the 21st century with many changes. Besides the achievements recorded in creating great material strengths and changing and adapting to the nature, the shadow of terrorism and imperialist invasion is still threatening the peace of many nations. “In that context, we are all the more aware of the profound significance and value of the October Revolution for peace and happiness of all peoples worldwide,” said the dailies./.