Singapore needs to set forth new strategies to ensure a bright future for its citizens, particularly those with low incomes, Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has said.

Tharman told a trade union conference on October 29 that the country should outline three strategies to achieve the goal.

Singapore must ensure that its economy remains competitive and continues to thrive, thus attracting high quality investments and creating better jobs, he said.

It also needs to ensure a stable growth based on improving productivity and quality of workforce, he said, adding the Government should make sure that through social policies, the country remains an inclusive society.

According to the Deputy PM, the measures should be implemented simultaneously in order to ensure benefit to all people in the country.

Tharman also affirmed that the Government will make every effort to help low-wage workers improve their living conditions through vocational training programmes.

Over the past two decades, low-income households in Singapore have seen their income increase by 60 percent thanks to rising wages in many occupations.-VNA