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Spring music released for Tet

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Young singers Noo Phuoc Thinh and Dong Nhi sing at the Golden Ochna awards ceremony in HCM City. (Source:

HCM City (VNA) - Albums and singles praising spring are ready to welcome Tet (Lunar New Year) this year.

The single Ly Ruou Mung (A New Year Toast), written by late composer Pham Dinh Chuong in 1952, was licensed to be performed in Vietnam by the Performing Art Agency in early January.

With a joyful melody and lyrics about wishes for a happy new year to all people, the song is being aired on television and radio, and performed at theatres by singers of different generations.

The Mai Vang (Golden Ochna) awards ceremony in HCM City last week saw young singers Noo Phuoc Thinh and Dong Nhi sing Ly Ruou Mung.

The song is the theme track on the album of the same title released by the Phuong Nam Film (PNF) last week. It features the voice of veteran singer Quang Dung and award-winning singer Pham Thu Ha.

"Hearing Quang Dung's Ly Ruou Mung singing, I was moved," said Nguyen Van Giap, 67, who also likes compositions by late musician Trinh Cong Son.

The album also consists of eight famous songs celebrating spring, including Ben Em Mua Xuan (Together with You in Spring) by Hoai An, and Xuan Que Toi (Spring in My Homeland) by Duc Tri. They are sung by young and veteran singers, such as Ha Anh Tuan and Bao Yen.

Phan Mong Thuy, PNF's director, said to local media: "The sale of the album has reached 2,000 copies."

The company also introduced two other albums Mua Xuan Dau Tien (The First Spring) of singer Phuong Thanh, and Tinh Tu Mua Xuan (The Whisper of the Spring) of Xuan Phu.

Two productions, which sold about 1,000 copies after a week of release, feature familiar songs about spring like Diep Khuc Mua Xuan (Chorus on Spring) and Xuan Tren Dat Khach (Spring on Foreign Land), both composed by Quoc Dung.

Quang Dung took only two weeks to complete his album Tinh Tu Mua Xuan, including signature songs celebrating spring, like Diu Dang Sac Xuan (Sweet Colours of Spring) and Khuc Nhac Ngay Xuan (Song on Spring).

"I hope listeners will feel spring when listening to the album," Dung said.

This year, young composers have been working with singers of their age to present new songs about spring.

Chau Dang Khoa, in his mid-20s, and Noo Phuoc Thinh have produced the song Nhung Ngay Xuan Ruc Ro (Bright Spring Days) in a pop and dance style.-VNA
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