The chief of Uttaradit provincial labour protection and welfare office has urged employees to keep improving their vocational and language skills in preparation for ASEAN Economic Community.

Speaking on the occasion of May Day, chief of Uttaradit provincial labor protection and welfare office Suchart Panngern has warned workers to arm themselves with vocational and language abilities in order to cope with changes to be brought about by the emergence of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

According to Suchart, the number of factories and companies in the province is relatively low. Employees of all sectors number around 12,000. Most employers are found to take care of their workers in compliance with laws, treating their employees fairly well. Nevertheless, he cautioned workers not to be too complacent to adjust themselves to upcoming challenges.

The May Day event in Uttaradit province was joined by more than 500 workers. The activities include a merit-making rite, a parade and friendship sports competitions among workers from different organisations.-VNA