Thailand’s National Council for Peace and Order on June 3 revealed a three-stage plan for reconciliation.

Lieutenant General Kampanart Ruddith was appointed as head of the new Reconciliation Centre for Reforms (RCR).

The first stage has already begun. During this stage, representatives of various agencies are invited to form working groups. Each of them will set up a data-collecting centre, lay down an operational plan and fix areas of responsibility.

During the second stage, which is expected to begin in early June, all working groups will compile information and opinions from people at family, village, commune, district, provincial and regional levels to lay down an operational plan for the RCR's consideration.

The proposed operational plan then will be finalised for implementation in the third stage starting in July.

The Ministry of Interior will form an RCR operation centre in each province to carry out the plan. The centres will handle existing conflicts systematically under the current justice process.

On the same day, the council lifted a curfew in the country’s popular tourist destinations of Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket.

The curfew in other areas remains in effect.-VNA