The northern province of Thai Nguyen has carried out a project supporting the Mong ethnic minority group in production development and building infrastructure in a bid to raise the ethnic residents’ livelihoods.

The province’s Project 2037 has provided seed varieties and fertilizer to advantaged ethic households together with training in planting and animal raising techniques. According to the project’s steering board, after seven months of implementation, ethnic residents in the locality have received hybrid corn seeds and fertiliser to plant on 308 hectares.

Around 40km of roads have been built to reach 14 out o 15 poorest Mong hamlets. In addition, electricity grids, fresh water facilities and classrooms have also been constructed as part of the project.

Over 3,100 people received free medical examinations and medicine.

At the project’s review meeting on May 11, Le Son Hai, Deputy Minister and Vice Chairman of the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs, spoke highly of the province’s efforts to shift the living standards in the ethnic minority region.

He also asked the locality to focus more on production support and farm produce and aquaculture consumption, to increase resident income and ensure project sustainability.

Two organisations and three individuals were granted certificates of merit for their outstanding contributions to project implementation.-VNA