Thailand’s Election Commission has made known that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) is expected to form a committee on August 13 to seek members for the National Reform Council (NRC).

The NRC will comprise no more than 250 members and will be tasked with overhauling national administration, the legal and judicial system, local administrations, education, the economy, energy, public health, the environment, and mass media. The council is set to be established no later than October 2.

The NCPO will set up 11 groups of the selection committees to nominate individuals from among 11 professional groups and each provincial selection committee to select individuals from respective provinces.

Once the selection committees are created, the Election Commission will allow different bodies to nominate candidates for the council during August 14 to September 2.

Members of independent organisations including the commission can be selected as part of the council. The commission is set to meet next week to determine whether the agency will be sending any names for consideration for the posts.

The move comes after the King endorsed the 200-member National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to act as the nation’s parliament before possible future elections on July 31.-VNA