Thailand’s export to Saudi Arabia has increased 21 percent in the first 4 months of this year, partly due to a backlog of undelivered orders during last year’s flood as well as rising demand.

Siwaluck Nakabhodhi, Director of the Thai Trade Center in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia , disclosed that the combined value of bilateral trade between Thailand and Saudi Arabia rose to 3.4 billion USD during January-April this year, equivalent to an increase of 26.17 percent year-on-year. Thailand imported 2.5 billion USD worth of goods from the Middle Eastern country while its export was worth 899 million USD, up 21.81 percent.

Thailand ’s number one export product to Saudi Arabia was automobile and parts, accounting for 378 million USD which is an 11 percent increase. Air-conditioners were in the second place with 91 million USD and rubber came in third with 57 million USD.-VNA/NNT