Crown Holdings, Inc., a U.S. leading supplier of packaging products worldwide, has announced that it would expand beverage can production capacity in all three of its existing facilities in Vietnam.

In a news release issued on Feb. 18, the company, with world headquarters located in Philadelphia of Pennsylvania state, said it would add a second can line to its facility in Hanoi. The new line is expected to be operational in early 2012 and have an initial annual production capacity of 750 million two-piece 33cl aluminum beverage cans. This expansion will bring the Hanoi plant's total capacity to 1.5 billion cans.

The release added: "Upgrades are planned to existing facilities in Ho Chi Minh City. Total annual production capacity will increase by 700 million cans, bringing the total capacity for Crown in southern Vietnam to 3.2 billion cans."

Jozef Salaerts, President of Crown's Asia-Pacific Division, reconfirmed Crown's commitment to supporting the growth of its customers in the Vietnamese market. He said beverage cans are a truly sustainable packaging solution as they have endless recycling potential, can be stored at ambient temperatures and help reduce waste by extending shelf life./.