The Save the Rhino International and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund in coordination with Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) on March 8 launched a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) calling upon the community to not use rhinoceros horn.

The video, the start of a series of public service announcements condemning rhino-horn users, will be broadcast on central and provincial television stations, posted on websites, forums and social network sites.

It shows rhino-horn consumers as “foolish, ignorant, backward, cruel and evil” and underlines that rhino horns do not help your social status or cure ailments.

Viewers are urged to avoid consuming rhino horn, and can call the appropriate authorities to report rhino horn-related crimes via the hotline 18001522.

According to ENV Vice Director Tran Viet Hung, Vietnam needs to share its responsibility with the world to protect the large animal.

Consuming rhino horn is unacceptable in modern society and has negative impacts on the world, Hung added.

He affirmed demand for rhino horn comes from a small minority of people and does not represent Vietnamese demand and taste.

The Government is making moves to prevent smuggling of rhino horn by arresting those involved in transporting and trading the horn, he said.

Importing rhino horn is banned by Vietnam .

The video is the 15th PSA produced by the ENV. It is part of a campaign to reduce wildlife trade by cutting its demand as a remedy and food.-VNA