Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 7:21:05

Vietnam continue enhancing drug crime prevention


The Drug Crime Investigation Police force will continue to suppress drug crimes across the country, announced the General Police Department for Crime Prevention and Control under the Ministry of Public Security on March 23.

Accordingly, the force will focus on tackling drug trafficking rings; prevent the production of synthetic drugs, and the growing of plants that can be used as a drug; as well as improve the effectiveness of drug smuggling prevention.

It will also be more active in coordinating with other forces, particularly in border and sea areas, and fulfil its assigned missions, the general department said.

In recent years, the Drug Crime Investigation Police has fought against drug criminals’ new ruses, broken a number of trans-national drug trafficking rings, contributing to the effective implementation of the Government’s anti-drug programme.

From December 15, 2012, to March 15, 2013, the force coordinated with relevant agencies and detected 4,535 cases, arrested 6,645 criminals, seized 97.8 kilos of heroin, 29,936 ecstasy pills and 7.78 kilos of opium.-VNA
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