The Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration (HCMA) on Sept. 26 opened a class to help improve skills in information dissemination for Lao Party leaders and managers.

The three-month course is among many others launched by the HCMA for Lao Party officials within the framework of cooperation between the two countries.

Associate Prof. and Dr. Le Quoc Ly, HCMA Deputy Director, said the cause of renewal, industrialisation, modernisation and international integration has been accelerated, posing both advantages and challenges for the two countries.

The new situation requires the two Parties’ leaders and managers to have a firm political will and necessary qualifications and capacity, Ly said.

During the course, the Lao Party officials will be equipped with theories of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s Thought and theories in Party building and information and education work.

They will be lectured on skills in disseminating information through different media and hear reports on Vietnam ’s experience in ideological work during the renewal process and methods to address emerging problems in this field.

The Lao officials will work with the CPV Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education, the Hanoi municipal Party Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education and make fact-finding tours of several Vietnamese localities./.