Over 350 Vietnamese employees working for the electrical component manufacturer, V.S. Electronics Sdn. Bhd of the V.S. Group in Malaysia, attended a New Year gala last week.

The event organised by V.S. Group was attended by Vietnamese Embassy officials in Malaysia and the group’s executives.

Speaking at the event, V.S. Group’s CEO En. YK Ng. said the event aimed to promote exchanges between the company’s managers and workers and the Embassy of Vietnam in Malaysia , as well as ensuring and protecting the workers’ welfare and rights.

Director of V.S. Electronics Sdn. Bhd Gary Lim said he is pleased with the Vietnamese guest workers, saying that they are hardworking, quick in acquiring knowledge and can operate machinery precisely.

Compared to guest workers from other countries, Vietnamese labourers perform their jobs better and they understand their roles as they can speak foreign languages, he said, adding that some can speak Malay, English and Chinese and this would be very convenient for work.

The group and its subsidiaries have planned to continuously hire more Vietnamese employees.-VNA