Japanese daily Nikkei has described Vietnam as a huge workshop which is emerging as a promised land for Japanese business.

In the context where many factories in Thailand are out of service due to devastating floods in late 2011, many Japanese businesses have decided to implement their plans for manufacturing in Vietnam . The outstanding firms to construct workshops in Vietnam include JS Group Corp. with an investment of 30 billion JPY 9390 million USD), Kobe with 100 billion JPY, and Canon and Honda with a total investment of about 23.5 billion JPY.

According to Japan External Trade Organisation, the number of Japanese projects in Vietnam doubled in 2011 with 208 projects and a total capital of 145 billion JPY (1.84 billion USD).

With 75 percent of the Vietnamese population under 40 years of age and labour costs as little as one-third of Chinese costs, Vietnam has retained many advantages in the region as well as in the world./.