Vietnam needs to import 2.34 million tonnes of fertiliser of various kinds this year to serve agriculture, nearly 560,000 tonnes less than last year’s figure, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The imports include 140,000 tonnes of urea, 700,000 tonnes of SA, 900,000 tonnes of phosphate and 600,000 tonnes of DAP.

The ministry also asked urea fertiliser plants to operate at their full capacity, apply modern technologies and develop a safe and effective distribution system in a bid to offer quality products at reasonable prices, ensuring supply and demand in the market.

A representative from the PetroVietnam Fertiliser and Chemicals Corporation, which is now holding the largest market share of urea, said that the company will supply nearly 550,000 tonnes of urea, meeting the demand of winter-spring crop in the first quarter of this year./.