The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has presented the Lao news agency (KPL) with a book on “VNA and KPL – years of mutual development”, highlighting the traditional friendship between the two news agencies.

Addressing the book presentation ceremony held in Vientiane on Aug. 26, KPL General Director Khamsen Phongsa thanked VNA for its effective assistance in news, photo and technical areas during the past years.

He said the significant event once again affirmed the fraternal relations and unceasingly comprehensive cooperation between the two news agencies.

The book was a valuable document on the special relations of the Vietnam-Laos comradeship and colleagueship, he said, adding that it will educate present generations of media workers as well as the younger generation.

VNA General Director Tran Mai Huong thanked KPL colleagues for standing shoulder to shoulder with VNA to build up the faithful friendship and provide mutual help to fulfill political tasks assigned by the two Parties and people over nearly a half of a century.

VNA’s presentation of the book to KPL manifested sentiments, cooperation and gratitude from VNA media workers to the Lao news agency, he said.

He expressed his belief that the two news agencies will further promote the friendship and effective cooperation, contributing to the two countries’ friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation.

With illustrated photos and almost 300 pages, the book was published in both the Vietnamese and Lao languages. It highlights basic traits of the special relations between the two news agencies, contributing to vividly manifesting the faithful, pure friendship between the Vietnamese and Lao people.

VNA General Director Tran Mai Huong has been on a working visit to Laos from Aug. 26-29 at the invitation of his KPL counterpart, Khamsen Phongsa./.