The France-Vietnam Friendship Association, in coordination with the Association of Vietnamese in France and the Vietnam information centre (CID), recently hosted a discussion on a book on the history of the wars in Vietnam.

The book “De Gaulle and Vietnam”, authored by French historian Pierre Journoud and published by Tallandier Publishing House in 2011, examined the wars against the French colonialists and the US imperialists in Vietnam from 1945 to 1975 and the first year of national reunification in 1976.

It analysed the changes in General de Gaulle’s policies throughout the war in Vietnam, his worries and mistakes as well as later understandings and regrets.

Journoud and his colleague Cecile Menetrey-Monchau also recorded explanations on the end of the wars in Vietnam as seen by diplomats, negotiations that forced the US to end its war in the country, the Paris Agreement on January 27, 1973 and the April 30 th Victory of 1975.

The young historian is a researcher of the Institute for Strategic Research of the French Ministry of Defence and a member of the modern Asian History Centre of Pantheon Sorbonne University Paris 1./.