The Vietnam Records Book Centre (Vietkings) on July 5 announced the second publication in its S100 Records series – “100 Vietnamese natural and food specialities”.

Following the first publication which honoured 100 elderly people across the country who were aged over 100 years, this publication recognises specialities that met criteria in both popularity and origin, such as 13 popular dishes of noodles, porridge and vermicelli in the northern, central and southern regions.

In addition to 17 varieties of cakes, 14 types of special wine and 17 kinds of confectionaries, the publication also featured famous tea from the northern province of Thai Nguyen and the southern province of Lam Dong.

Many kinds of fruit from the three regions such as Xuan Dinh sapodilla, Luc Ngan lychee, Xa Doai, Bo Ha orange, Phuc Trach grapefruit, Soc Trang watermelon and Dong Nai jackfruit were also recognised specialties.

In a bid to fully promote the value of these specialities, the first festival displaying Vietnamese food specialities in the three regions will be held in Ho Chi Minh City this year./.