An estimated 10,000 people in central Philippine province of Leyte might be killed by super typhoon Haiyan, Xinhua News Agency reported on November 10.

The figure was based on estimates of officials in Tacloban city, the worst hit capital of Leyte province, after a meeting on November 9 with the governor of Leyte, Xinhua said, citing local media as its source of information.

The national government departments and disaster agency have not confirmed the figure yet.

The agency also quoted Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas, who flew to Tacloban city on November 9 as saying "I don't know how to describe what I saw. It's horrific".

The city became dark everywhere due to interruption of power supply, he added.

Roxas admitted the government found it difficult to give an accurate count of the extent of casualties after communication lines in hard-hit areas were cut off.-VNA