12th Party Congress under international spotlight hinh anh 1The preparatory session of the 12th National Party Congress (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam has been featured in articles and remarks from international communities prior to the local 12 th Party Congress, which convenes on January 20.

On January 18, Poland’s Center for International Relations published an article about Vietnam’s economy, which highlighted the rapid growth of Ho Chi Minh City and the central city of Da Nang.

It quoted US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius as saying that the Vietnamese are among the world’s top business minds.

The article concluded that four decades after the war, Vietnam’s per capita GDP has risen to 2,000 USD from around 100 USD, and that the Government is striving to gain market economy recognition.

On January 19, the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina reported on Vietnam’s 12th National Party Congress, calling it a milestone during the renewal progress since 1986.

According to the article, under the Party leadership, the 30-year implementation of “Doi Moi” (renovation) has gained sound socio-economic, politic and diplomatic outcomes. Particularly, Vietnam has transformed from being impoverished into a middle-income country, consolidating its position in trade and diplomacy internationally.

With a goal towards peace, stability and sustainable development, the 12 th congress will focus on reviewing 30 years of Doi Moi and tasks accomplished, as well as setting out new tasks to make Vietnam a modern industrialised country. More than 1,500 delegates representing 4.5 million Party members will take part in the event, which will last until January 28.

The same day, Granma, the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party which boasts the highest circulation in Cuba, featured major themes of the 12 th congress in its content.

It cited information announced at a ceremony to launch the press centre for the congress as saying the event will focus on building a strong and pure Party, promoting the strength of the whole people and socialist democracy, stepping up reform comprehensively and synchronously, firmly safeguarding the nation, and striving to turn Vietnam into a modern industrialised country.

Meanwhile, the local Trabajadores newspaper published an interview with Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba Duong Minh on the subject. The diplomat said the 30-year reform had resulted in Vietnam realising the UN millennium development goals.

On January 20, Poldi Sosa, President of the Argentina-Vietnam Cultural Institute, expressed her hope that the congress will come up with policies that help Vietnam grow robustly, and increase its international role in the future.

After visiting the country 20 times, Poldi Sosa said she admires the achievements that Vietnam has attained throughout its renovation process. According to her, the Government has invested heavily in social welfare programmes in recent years to improve overall living standards, with significant outcomes earned in education, gender equality, poverty alleviation, and freedom of speech and religious practice.-VNA