Nguyen Huu Mao has carefully observed all meetings of the 14th NA over the last five years. He said he has been deeply impressed by the decisions it made, all of which have been critical for Vietnam’s development, with many being unprecedented and complex in nature.

The Q&A sessions were animated and the questions practical. Sessions were held in high regard by NA deputies and the public, as most voters’ questions were asked and answered.

The 14th NA has made a mark on legislative work. It had issued 72 laws and 18 resolutions as of last December, including several important laws keeping the country abreast of the new context, such as the Law on Planning, the Law on Public-Private Partnership Investment, the Law on Cybersecurity, the Law on Anti-corruption, and others.

The 14th NA has been a tenure of innovation, with many teleconferences held, even internationally. Though taking place online, they have all been effective.

It has proved its pivotal role as the highest representing body of the people and as the most powerful State agency./.