The 18 th ASEAN Summit closed in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 8 after two days of sitting.

At the summit, the ASEAN leaders discussed issues relating to the bloc’s internal and external relations, emphasising the acceleration of the building of an ASEAN Community of democracy and for the people in 2015. They also discussed measures to consolidate and strengthen ASEAN’s position in the international arena through expanding and enhancing foreign relations and ASEAN’s international role.

They also debated on a number of regional and international issues as well as bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms of common concern.

In his closing remark, President of host Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as Chair of ASEAN 2011, affirmed that the success of the summit helped bring ASEAN member countries closer together in issues of common concern, and at the same time further tightening the friendship and constructive cooperation among them in addressing intra-bloc issues in particular and issues of Asia and the globe in general.

The Indonesian leader stressed the increasing position and role of ASEAN, especially its efforts in building a united and strong ASEAN community in 2015 with the people’s more active and effective participation in realising common objectives of making Southeast Asia a more peaceful, harmonious and prosperous region.

He also affirmed the importance of the summit for ASEAN in seeking necessary measures to deal with emerging traditional and non-traditional challenges.

The 18 th ASEAN Summit issued three joint statements on ASEAN Community in a Global Community, establishment of the ASEAN Institute for peace and reconciliation, and strengthening cooperation in preventing human trafficking in Southeast Asia ./.