The Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and the World Bank officially announced Vietnam Anti-Corruption Initiative Programme 2013 (VACI) on December 13 in Thai Nguyen province.

At the conference, themed “Greater transparency, integrity and accountability, less corruption”, participants learnt about legislation, anti-corruption enforcement and 2013 VACI concepts.

As part of the agenda, Government Inspectorate representatives also presented real situations and measures to prevent and fight corruption in Vietnam .

Reports said there have been positive changes in awareness and activities.

Nevertheless, the work is effective in only a few areas, including exploitation of natural resources, land use and budget management. The punishments of officials charged with corruption were not severe or appropriate, there is lack of supervision, and the role of Father Front and affiliates are not promoted.

Thai Nguyen is one of the five provinces chosen to launch the 2013 VACI conferences.-VNA