Blood donation and humanitarian medical examination and treatment campaigns in 2014 brought about significant results and benefitted a substantial number of people, heard a conference reviewing the drives in Hanoi on April 14.

A report at the event revealed that more than 1 million blood units were donated in 2014, equivalent to only 1.17 percent of the population giving blood but meeting 58 percent of the demand. Over 96 percent of the units were donated outside of emergency scenarios.

Communication activities and donation events were stepped up such as the Red Spring Festival after the Lunar New Year holiday and the Red Journey in summer, helping minimise the blood shortages frequently experienced during these time periods.

Meanwhile, nearly 2,600 check-ups were made during the medical examination and treatment campaign which took place from September 1, 2014 to February 15 this year.

More than 1.15 million low-income people in rural areas received free medications and 90,000 others received health advice. About 272,000 gifts were presented to the underprivileged during this time, the report said.

Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan spoke highly of the campaigns’ effectiveness and asked relevant agencies and organisations to continue promoting these activities.

She also called upon people from all demographics to actively engage in blood donation and contribute to humanitarian activities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health needs to complete the draft Law on blood and stem cell donation promptly for submission to the National Assembly in 2016. Once in effect, it will serve as the legal framework for blood donation and humanitarian check-ups and treatment, she added.-VNA