2019 UN Day of Vesak: Int’l delegates explore Vietnam’s beauty hinh anh 1International delegates are eager for visiting Vietnam’s beauty spots after the 2019 UN Day of Vesak (Source: Vietnam+)

Hanoi (VNA) - “This is my first time to Vietnam. During the three-day Vesak ceremony, I attended many meaningful activities. Learning that Vietnam has many beautiful landscapes that have been recognized by UNESCO as world natural heritage, I am very happy and feel lucky to visit one of them, the Bai Dinh pagoda-Trang An complex. So beautiful, unbelievable! I exclaimed when experiencing a boat tour on Sao Khe river to admire the UNESCO’s recognised heritage, Trang An. A unique natural setting from mountains, ecosystems, forests, vegetation, rice fields, swamps, beautiful caves with high historical value. With 2.5 hours of river tour, I am extremely satisfied and I will definitely return to Vietnam many more times to learn more about your country. ”

Srilankan delegate Sedere Mohottige Upali shared his feeling when taking a free tour organised by the 2019 UN Day of Vesak organizing board for international delegates. This is also the common feeling of many other delegates attending the event hosted by Vietnam.

Golden chance for Vietnam’s spiritual tourism  

The 2019 UN Day of Vesak officially wrapped up (from May 12-14 in Tam Chuc pagoda Buddhist Centre, Ha Nam province). Apart from meetings and discussions, various activities have been held to introduce Vietnam’s people, landscape, tradition, history and culture to international delegates.

2019 UN Day of Vesak: Int’l delegates explore Vietnam’s beauty hinh anh 2Delegates visit Trang An scenic spot (Source: Vietnam+)

As a result, the event is considered a golden chance for Vietnam’s spiritual tourism development.

Most Venerable Thich Duc Thien, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Secretary General of the 2019 UN Day of Vesak said, international friends have been offered five tour options to discover the beauty of Vietnam. Of which, tours to Trang An-Bai Dinh in Ninh Binh, Yen Tu in Quang Ninh and Fansipan in Lao Cai are free. The delegates paid for tours to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

2019 UN Day of Vesak: Int’l delegates explore Vietnam’s beauty hinh anh 3Vietnam’s natural beauty win the hearts of international delegates (Source: Vietnam+)

International tourists surprised

Right after the closing ceremony, many international delegates eagerly signed up for free tours prepared by the organizers. With a central location from Tam Chuc Pagoda (Ha Nam), delegates can easily visit spiritual tourism areas.

“The locations chosen this time such as Bai Dinh pagoda-Trang An complex, Ha Long heritage-Yen Tu, Sa Pa are all typical landscapes of the country with majestic beauty and diverse spiritual activities will leave international delegates a good impression on Vietnam. In addition, with the number of delegates registering to join the tour of nearly 1,000 in only 2 days May 13 and 14, travel company coordinated, doubled the number of experienced tour guides to help the delegates understand more about Vietnamese history and culture,” shared a Vietravel representative.

Loving to learn the temples, delegate Huang Tien Fa from the US who signed up for a famous Yen Tu tour with Dong pagoda located at an altitude of 1,086 meters exclaimed, "What a temple with the most unique architecture in the world. I know this is the biggest copper temple and is located in the highest position in Vietnam. I was really surprised at the beauty of Yen Tu, it is the blend of beautiful mountains and the ancient features of the temple, pagoda, tower, statues which are arranged in vertical and horizontal axes, intersecting each other at Hoa Yen pagoda. In particular, the road to Yen Tu is surrounded by thousands of pine, apricot blossom, ivory bamboo trees. So beautiful”

2019 UN Day of Vesak: Int’l delegates explore Vietnam’s beauty hinh anh 4Capturing beautiful moment with Vietnam’s landscape (Source: Vietnam+)

For his part, Arik Gatenio from Greece expressed his sincere thanks to the organizing board as well as the hospitable Vietnamese people.

He said the Vesak brought him a chance to explore Vietnam.

He added, with wonderful memory about Vietnam, most of the delegates wish to return to the country for the next event./.

2019 UN Day of Vesak: Int’l delegates explore Vietnam’s beauty hinh anh 5Vietnam's beauty surprised international delegates (Source: Vietnam+)