About 250,000 disabled people in the working age will be provided with vocational training and suitable jobs between 2012-2015.

This is one of the targets of a project to assist the disabled in the 2012-2020 period recently approved by the Prime Minister.

Under the project, from 2016-2020, all offices of State-owned agencies, railway and bus stations, medical and educational facilities, and cultural and sports establishment must ensure access for the disabled.

About 50 percent of the disabled will be assisted in accessing and using information technology and communications services.

One of the project’s activities is to provide services to detect and treat deformities among children before and right after their birth.

In addition, the project will build and expand models combining vocational training and job generation for the disabled as well as a pilot model to provide functional rehabilitation for those in a number of provinces.

Each year, about 70 percent of disabled people will gain access to healthcare services and the same figure of children to six years old will get their deformities detected while around 60,000 disabled people will be provided with orthopaedic surgery and functional rehabilitation.-VNA